Sunday, January 26, 2014

mornings & hikes

I'm a morning person. I was recently talking with my friends about what my ideal day looks like, and it without a doubt begins by being up with the sun. 

Being up before the sun is quite another thing, like I was when I took the photographs in this first composition one very cold and very early spring morning. But there is something to be said for feeling like you've accomplished all you wanted for the day and it being only 7am when all's said and done. 

So anyway, I thought I'd share some recent composite works. All photos were taken using my little nikon f100 camera on Kodak Portra 400 film with the 50mm 1.8 lens. 

I came up with this composition using 4x6 prints but I'm planning on making it again with much larger prints.

(Click on the images to view larger.)   

This second composition is made with photographs I took at sunset rock in Taconic State Park, New York. It was indeed sunset, and we hiked about 4 miles home through woods and over streams in near darkness. But we had flashlights and it was worth it!

Nice memories. Thanks for reading & taking a look,

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  1. I really like the composite technique! I always feel better when I get up early, but I'm not a fan of getting up before 5:30 AM, which is what I have to do for school theses days.

  2. I agree. Sunrise as it moves through the year - later in winter, earlier in summer - would be ideal for me. The composite thing is awesome! I especially like the second picture, with the contrast of blurry and in focus.

  3. I'm not a morning person, but need to work on this in order to get some decent light for photos! Love your composites! Can't wait to see more!!